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— by  Pat DialUnpunctuality by Public OfficersMost members of the public,Wholesale Jerseys Authentic, at one time or another,Cheap NFL Jerseys, have to visit governmental or semi-governmental offices to effectuate business.  The usual time of work is from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. but in most offices there is no officer present at 8.00 a.m. and they mostly cease work long before 4.00p.m.And the telephones are very often left untended resulting in the public being unable to make contact with the office.  Even when members of the public are lucky to meet an officer,Cheap NFL Jerseys Store, they could nonchalantly be told “come again tomorrow”!Many of the persons who visit Government offices are the old and the weak. They go there at great pain and sacrifice. Some could barely afford their bus fares.  Others are persons who have taken time-off from their jobs with limited time and cannot expect supervisors to allow them time-off repeatedly.  These unnecessary hardships caused to the public by unpunctuality and insensitivity are unacceptableThis culture of unpunctuality was not always a characteristic of Guyanese Government offices.  There was a time when the public were attended to at 8.00 a.m and even after 4.00 p.m. Administration was more orderly and productive.  Restoring the culture of punctuality is not an insuperable task since it was very much a part of our ethos.Many experienced senior administrators feel that the culture of unpunctuality has become so deeply engrained that to attempt to change or remove it would result in sullen resentment and resistance and that even supervisors and colleagues may not support them.This culture of unpunctuality and insensitivity in Government offices has to be eliminated if we are to enjoy a more friendly and efficient administration. A few suggestions which could be considered in this regard arei) An intensive awareness programme of the necessity of punctuality and positively addressing the public’s problems should be carried out in every government office.(ii) Ministers of Government must emphatically identify themselves with the programme.(iii) Managers/supervisors must themselves set the example of punctuality so as to be able to effectuate it for the staff as a whole.(iv) Methods of checking on workers’ arrival and departure such as the resuscitation of Time Books could be introduced immediately.

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