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作者: yueyrt1ZqF    時間: 2018-2-13 22:55     標題: Jerseys NFL Wholesale who was also called to testify

The murder trial for a woman accused of killing Edward Williams,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, closed for arguments yesterday before Justice Winston Patterson. Jennifer Younge also known as Jennifer Loncke is accused of killing Williams on August 31, 2007.According to reports,Jeff Green Jersey, the woman allegedly chopped Williams severely. It was also reported that she had been keeping some “documents” for the victim. On the day in question, the two were heard having a heated argument.Later in the night, around 23:00hrs, neigbhours heard what appeared to be chopping sounds and glass breaking. One neighbour,Nike Air Max 95 For Sale, who is a cousin of the deceased, Sharon Williams, saw Younge standing in the yard with a cutlass.The court further heard that another neighbour shouted to Younge and she responded that it was “self defence”. The police were subsequently called in. When the lawmen arrived at the scene they observed Younge and a young girl sweeping what appeared to be “bloody water”. Broken glass was also on the floor.Further, the police saw two cutlasses lying in sand and they picked them up. There was what appeared to be blood on one of them.  Another cutlass was found about six or seven feet away. All three of the cutlasses were removed from the scene. Edwards Williams was not seen at the time.The court further heard that on September 1, 2007, the police went back to the house and carried out a search. Williams’ body was found buried beneath a pile of tyres in the backyard.One of the woman’s cousins who testified,NFL Jerseys China, Sharon Williams, during cross examination by attorney at law Nigel Hughes suggested that she and his client had a personal problem. According to the lawyer, the two had “bad blood”,Wholesale Jerseys China, and she was making up the story.Government Pathologist Nehaul Singh, who was also called to testify, said that the victim died from multiple chop wounds, which could have been inflicted by a sharp cutlass.Hughes made no case submissions, but the judge did not rule in his favour. The woman was later required to lead her own defence.In her response to the court the woman said that she was a registered nurse’s assistant in the United States of America. She said she bought a property in 2001 and would travel from time to time between the two countries.Younge said she brought her children in 2007 to spend the August vacation. She admitted that Williams would normally do work for her around the house. On the August 30, she said the man came and asked if she had any work for him to do. The woman said she replied in the negative. After that Younge said that Williams started asking her if she could have helped him get to the United States. The woman said she immediately told him no, and he “cussed her out” and she “let him have it”.She further explained that in front of her yard, there was a lawn house where she kept certain things. Younge said that the building was a glass one. She said she heard a loud sound like if glass was breaking.The woman said she called a friend who advised her to stay inside. Younge further told the court that she heard someone “scale” her fence. About 45 minutes later,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, the woman said she saw a crowd in front of her house. It was at this point Younge said she came outside. The police were subsequently called in and Younge said that she and her three children were taken away for protection.

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