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By Romila BoodramFor many it is the worst possible news – knowing that you could die within the next six months. But little Natasha was no quitter.At age 11, when many would have been starting a new chapter in their life, Natasha’s life fell apart. She was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal carcinoma stage IV – a cancer in the upper part of the throat.Natasha, the survivorIn 2004, Natasha Algu was a normal child. She would do chores at home to help her single-parent mother who was working to put food on the table. Natasha attended school and had many friends whom she would talk and joke with.When she was at home with her mother, she was mischievous and troublesome. In her spare time, she listened to music and watched television. But in 2005, her life took an unexpected turn.She was in class,Cheap MLB Jerseys Authentic, when she started to experience pain in her eyes, and then her head. She was taken to the hospital but the doctors told her mother, Sunita Algu, that everything was normal.Little Natasha went back to school but experienced the same problem. Her mother continuously rushed her to the West Demerara Regional Hospital but the doctors never found anything until her throat started to swell. This was one year after she first started to experience the pain,The doctors did a biopsy and after receiving the report, her mother was informed that she was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal carcinoma, and the worst news was that Natasha’s sickness was “at the last stage.”She was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital for an emergency surgery and was then admitted for several weeks, after which she was transferred to the Cancer Institute of Guyana (CIG) for radiation and chemotherapy.For a single parent,Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jersey, a total of $400,Cheap Air Max 90 Men Shoes,000 was not an easy sum to arrange for the therapy, but family members, friends and discounts by the institute made the treatment possible.Seven years later,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, a brave Natasha sat on a chair at her Bella Dam, West Bank Demerara home and spoke about her experiences.She said she knew nothing about cancer at the time of her sickness but from what she was told by her friends and other persons,Cheap NFL Jerseys, cancer is a deadly sickness.Natasha recalled being in pain for years and couldn’t eat. She started to lose weight during her therapy; she even lost her ability to listen to the world around her.At that time, she said her life fell apart because she could not talk as she liked, couldn’t watch television because she couldn’t hear, nor could she do chores because her body was weak. All she recalled doing was crying out for pain, drinking tablets, doing therapy and sleeping.Natasha said that when she was first informed that she needed to do radiation she was scared and refused to do it because she was told “when you go in that room you don’t come out back.”“I was frightened. I didn’t want to go in but eventually Mommy said to go and when I went in there it wasn’t so bad. There, I realized that people only want you to feel scared,” Natasha said.She said she ignored all the bad things people said to her and used the words “you can do it” as a motivation but fell apart every time she remembered her friends and her school days.Natasha said she was eager to see her friends, who were like sisters to her. So as soon as she finished her first session of therapy, she immediately went back to school, only to find that her own friends looked at her and laughed.Instead of welcoming her, they teased and provoked her because of her sickness and because she was too “skinny.”A tearful Natasha went home and cried for days and refused to go back to school.“Before I was sick I had a lot of friends and I used to miss them but when I went back, my friends, who were like sisters to me,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, passed me straight.” They still do that today.Natasha is now 18-years-old and is back to normal. She helps her mother with the chores and assists her in their small retail shop.At leisure, she does shopping with her friend Sherry-Ann. Natasha would sometimes design her own nails, read, watch television and, with the help of a hearing aid, listen to music.Natasha said she would like to tell other cancer patients that they must never give up hope.When asked about her ambitions, she replied, “I never wanted to work with anyone because my mom used to work with people and I used to see how they use to treat her. I don’t want anyone to treat me like that. We have a shop now and things are ok.”She expressed heartfelt thanks to Dr. Narendra Bhalla, Karen and Fiona at the Cancer Institute of Guyana for assisting her in every step, and for giving her hope.

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