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標題: Wholesale Cheap Jerseys Guysuco recorded a shortfall of 6 [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt1ZqF    時間: 5 天前 02:13     標題: Wholesale Cheap Jerseys Guysuco recorded a shortfall of 6

There are indeed problems with the supply of sugar on the local market.While the Guyana Sugar Corporation did not admit yesterday that the shortage is indeed a problem, it stated that there was some ‘disruption’ over the past two weeks.In an effort to appease the situation, the corporation stated that ‘we wish to reassure our domestic customers that the supply of brown sugar will resume fully by mid week.’The sugar company assured that full resumption of normal sales will recommence shortly.According to Guysuco, its management has been in constant contact with its customers,Cheap Jerseys China, who have been ‘cooperative’ and every effort was made to maintain supplies to the manufacturers and key institutions, while maintaining some supplies to others.“We have not received any complaints from consumers on shortages,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale,” the sugar company said.Anxiety over sugar supplies, the company said, tend to occur during the out-of-crop period and the late start up of this year’s second crop may have led to some panic buying and hoarding,Cheap Jerseys China, which will be investigated.The Corporation stated that it is committed to satisfying both its local and export markets.On Monday, the People’s National Congress Reform stated that there is a nationwide shortage of sugar stating that residents of Corentyne complained bitterly that sugar could not be obtained.The PNCR stated that it is clear that this shortage of sugar is not confined to that part of the country.According to the party, its leader, Robert Corbin, visited the Corentyne to listen to the complaints of residents.There are reports, the party stated,Cheap NFL Jerseys, that sugar is increasingly scarce in Georgetown and other urban areas.This is a troubling development because sugar is such an essential commodity for the citizens, the PNCR states.In the circumstances, the PNCR is calling on the Jagdeo Administration to explain immediately why there is a shortage of sugar and what steps are being taken to end this shortage.Such an explanation, the party said, would not only be helpful to the Guyanese consumers but would also bring a degree of predictability in the activities of those business entities, which rely on sugar for the production of pastries, soft drinks and other related items.Up to June 13 last, Guyana was still importing sugar, even as Guyana Sugar Corporation (Guysuco) maintains to record a shortfall in sugar production.In justification, Agriculture Minister, Robert Persaud,Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys, confirmed that the decision to import sugar had not yet been reversed.At the end of the just-concluded sugar crop, Guysuco recorded a shortfall of 6,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China,000 tons.Over the years, Guysuco has consistently been reviewing its production targets, including last year’s, and among the many excuses proffered were far-reaching strikes, weather and loss of opportunity.

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