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作者: yueyrt1ZqF    時間: 5 天前 21:41     標題: Wholesale NFL Jerseys while Bindah who was shot in the chest

Hogstye fatal shooting…A man who was suspected of being one of the gunmen in the shooting that left a rice farmer dead and his brother in a critical condition last Wednesday at Hogstye on the Corentyne, has been found dead with a suspected bullet wound to the body.The body of Jettoo Seelall, called Bobo, 21, a labourer of Alness Village, was discovered around 15:55 hours on Monday at Alness backdam with a bullet wound to the left side chest.According to information, Seelall’s body was discovered under a tamarind tree about half mile in the backdam at Alness village.A shotgun was found next to him, while his cell phone was found between his feet, and a cutlass and bag all believed to be his property were also found near to the body.Relatives related that they received word on Monday that a man’s body had been found in the Alness backdam, and they immediately raced to the scene, apparently out of suspicion that it was that of Seelall. By the time they reached the spot,Cheap NFL Jerseys, their suspicions were confirmed when they found Seelall lying motionless under the tree.Police subsequently arrived and took over the scene.When Kaieteur News visited the residence of the dead man’s father at lot 6 Alness, relatives were preparing for a wake. They stated that the dead man does not live with them, but mostly resides with an individual named John, in the same village.They said that Seelall would also stay at various places and do odd-jobs, including throwing paddy and manure.Relatives were a bit shy to speak,NFL Jerseys Cheap, but stated that they could not recall when last they saw him.It was also difficult to tell if Seelall had shot himself or was murdered.The relatives also disclosed that he does not have an ID card.According to reports, Seelall’s body appeared to be fresh when it was discovered and it is believed that he had died less than a day before the discovery.A post mortem examination was conducted on the body yesterday at the New Amsterdam Hospital by Dr Nehaul Singh, and it was confirmed that Seelall died as a result of the gunshot wound, which had caused damage to the heart.Seelall was wanted in connection with the fatal shooting last Wednesday of Shawn Fraser, 38, of Hogstye, Corentyne. The shooting also caused serious injury to Fraser’s brother, Odwin Bindah, 33.Seelall and two other men, a father and son from Alness, are believed to be the gunmen.The son was captured immediately after the shooting while the father gave himself up a few days after in company of his lawyer,China Jerseys, Senior Counsel Marcel Crawford.Fraser and Bindah were allegedly attacked by the three men who were all armed with guns around 17:00 on Wednesday last,Wholesale Jerseys, just as they were finishing off preparing their rice field for cultivation.Fraser died on the spot after he was shot in the face at close range, while Bindah who was shot in the chest,Jerseys NFL China, was rushed to the New Amsterdam hospital in a critical condition.It is understood that the property was an abandoned piece of land which one of the alleged attackers reportedly used to keep his animals on. It was further learnt that the land was subsequently loaned to the brothers to cultivate and this may have led to the dispute.While Shawn Fraser was laid to rest yesterday,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, Odwin Bindah remained in the New Amsterdam hospital, but his condition is said to be gradually improving.Investigations are continuing and the two men in custody are expected to be charged shortly.

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