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Farmlands in a civilian community cannot be under military watch. This is immoral and illegal, and in Guyana’s case it is another form of discrimination, since other communities do not have to face the same fate.    These were the views expressed by Region Four Chairman Clement Colette yesterday.In an interview with Kaieteur News, Mr Corlette said that he will be seeking the reversal of the directives to the army as they relate to Buxton.The armed forces are currently operating under instructions to prevent any civilian access to the backlands of the community.Yesterday, Mr Corlette,Cheap China Jerseys, along with Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud and a team from the Ministry of Agriculture, visited the Buxton/Friendship backlands to inspect ongoing works under the compensation programme.They also discussed agricultural development with farmers from the area.During the visit, Mr Corlette said that, while there seems to be a ‘casual understanding’ between the farmers and the patrolling ranks, there are times when farmers are being ‘harassed.’“I will have to pursue it until that is reversed…Even though you do not have barbed wire around the place,Wholesale Hockey Jerseys 2018, it is still an occupation of the village and farm lands.”The Regional Chairman said that while the efforts by the Ministry of Agriculture are appreciated, there cannot be a standing military order when attempts are being made to restore people to their farmlands.“I will be very much ashamed of myself if I stay quite on this. I cannot! It is not right! It is not happening in other parts of the country,Cheap NFL Jerseys,” the Chairman said.He conceded that there was a time when there was much anxiety and the order might have been necessary, but it is no longer necessary now, and it should be reversed.“I can say that there have not been any major incidents between the joint forces and the farmers.”Corlette said that he has since spoken to the Minister of Agriculture on the issue and is awaiting a response.He added that he will now be making attempts to have discussions with Commodore Gary Best on the issue.The few farmers that were present during the visit yesterday told this newspaper that of recent they have not had many problems with the Joint Services.According to the farmers, the minor incidents occur when patrol ranks are changed.“When the unit operating in the area (is changed) change, we get some problems until they get familiar with we,” one farmer said.Responding to Mr Corlette’s call, Minister Robert Persaud told Kaieteur News that the Joint Services have not been stopping farmers from entering the area.He added that the ministry, however,Cheap NFL Jerseys, will not impede any security arrangement, but will ensure farmers are not disadvantaged.During the visit to the community yesterday, Persaud inspected drainage works and met with some farmers.The Ministry of Agriculture will also be ploughing some 38 acres of lands in the area as a mean of assisting farmers to return to cultivation.A significant quantity of seeds and chemicals will be distributed to farmers in the area, Persaud said.The minister noted yesterday that, by the end of another three months,Cheap NFL Jerseys, he is hoping that the area would have been fully cultivated and normalcy would have been restored.He noted that the ministry is working through the religious organizations in the community in an attempt to have more young people involved in agriculture.According to Persaud, farmers in the community are now getting an opportunity they have not had in many years; and, as such, his ministry will be working with them in order for them to get maximum benefit from the opportunities.As part of the de-bushing exercise in the Buxton/Friendship backlands by the Joint Services, as part of ‘Operation Restore Order,Cheap NHL Jerseys,’ the Ministry of Agriculture has established a compensation programme which has addressed farmers’ concerns.This programme is aimed at ensuring minimal disruption to farmers’ livelihoods while returning to farmlands.

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