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The Alliance For Change (AFC) has commended the media houses that have signed on to the Media Code of Conduct (MCC). It said that it looks forward to the highest levels of professional reportage during the election campaign.However,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, the party has condemned the “obvious concerted actions of the state controlled media houses and pro-PPP media entities in targeting the AFC as part of a smear campaign.”In a recently released press statement,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, the AFC said that it trusts that the media houses which have signed on to the MCC have not begun to breach the very commitments made before the ink has an opportunity to dry.The party reiterated that its leadership did not sign the Cummingsburg Accord until after it had consulted for over four hours with delegates at the National Executive Committee and received the overwhelming approval of the committee.AFC said that there have been suggestions that this did not take place and said that the party rejects efforts to steer Guyanese away from the truth.The Party said that it appreciates the fact that there will be a minority of persons who are unwilling to embrace “a position of unity in the greater interest of the national good. That is their prerogative and the AFC accepts and respects that.”

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