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–    reminds citizens to secure any ferocious dogs on their premisesThe Bureau of Statistics (BOS) began its 2012 Population and Housing Census on Friday. The exercise will conclude this weekend.According to the Bureau,NFL Jerseys From China, the Census is conducted every ten years. Enumerators (census-takers) visit every household in every part of the country to administer questionnaires that collect social and economic information and data on the population.“It is an extremely important national exercise and it is every citizen’s duty to cooperate according to the laws of Guyana, as the Census produces a huge body of information that is used in planning and development,China NFL Jerseys,” Chief Statistician/Census Officer Lennox Benjamin noted.He said the Pilot Census is a smaller exercise,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, which can be called a mini-Census. This will put to the test all the plans the BOS has made over the past four years.“It will test our methods, questionnaires, planning, training and procedures and will give us a feel for the environment we will be working in. Enumerators will visit a few selected households in all regions except Regions Seven, Eight and Nine and administer the questionnaires. Their experiences will be relayed to the Census Office for use in fine-tuning the actual Census itself,Wholesale China Jerseys,” Benjamin explainedThe Chief Statistician noted that the agency is asking for the cooperation of every citizen approached by its Enumerators during the Pilot Census,Stitched NFL Jerseys, May 18 – 24. However, the agency noted that the citizens’ confidentiality is protected by law,Wholesale China Jerseys, the same law which gives the Bureau the right and responsibility to take a Census. No-one is exempted for any reason from participating in the Pilot Census or the Census.“The Bureau would like to remind citizens to secure any ferocious dogs on their premises and to advise their security personnel that an Enumerator may visit them during May 18 to May 24.“Please ensure to view the Enumerator’s identification card. It is an offence under the laws of Guyana to refuse to cooperate. The Bureau thanks all citizens in advance for their cooperation.”

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