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PNCRThe People’s National Congress Reform extends Youman Nabi Greetings not only to our Muslim brothers and sisters but to all Guyanese.Youman Nabi or Mawlid al-Nabi or Eid-e-Milad, fixed at the 12th day of the month of Rabi al-Awwal in the Muslim calendar, is a celebration of the Birth Anniversary of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam. The day is marked by sermons, recitation of litanies, honouring of religious dignitaries, gift giving, and a feast. The occasion also serves as a reminder that whatever trials and tribulations we face, the prophet of God faced even greater and yet he never allowed anger and hatred to determine his actions.We, in Guyana, can benefit from the legacy by using it as an instrument, not only for promoting understanding among our various ethnic, religious and social groups, but also, and more importantly, for bringing a healing towel to dilemmas and challenges which affect the nation as we usher in our 50th year as an independent state.As we all celebrate Youman Nabi 2015, we need to recommit ourselves to the achievement of the ideals of a truly multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-religious society where there is unity in diversity.Happy Youman Nabi to all Guyanese!……FITUGThe Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG) representing the majority of Guyana’s registered trade union members joins the nation’s Muslim community in celebrating the Birth of Prophet Mohamed (On Whom Be Peace).This year’s Islamic observance falls hours away from the Christians’ celebration of the Birth of their Messiah – the Baby Jesus, who was to become their spiritual savior and after whom an entire religion was named and founded.Whilst elsewhere in this world persons of one faith or tribe attack and harm people of different beliefs, Guyanese are blessed with the wisdom and tolerance to understand, to participate in and even celebrate both of these anniversaries in some way. May this phenomenon of peace and unity continue to prevail.The Holy Prophet (On Whom Be Peace) must be disappointed at the stupendous loss of life and human displacement born of numerous conflicts now being waged in his part of the world and sometimes,Cheap Jerseys From China, allegedly, in his name. FITUG rejects that abuse for it mis-represents the very essence and foundation of Islam.The Prophet (On Whom Be Peace) taught the values and virtues of morality based on respect for others; on the principles of devotion to a Higher creator and the acts of kindness and practical consideration for the less fortunate. FITUG knows that those claiming to wage numerous wars in Islam’s name are themselves unfaithful to their faith.But Youman Nabi is happy anniversary. The Islamic community in Guyana is appropriately placed to be a catalyst for peace, unity and all-round progress. FITUG enjoins that community to live up to such ideals.Happy Youman Nabi 2015……GAWUThe Islamic celebration of the birth of Prophet Mohamed (On Whom Be Peace) can fall at various times of any given year – early on or much later, as in this year 2015.The Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) – the country’s largest trade union boasting hundreds of Muslim members and workers – joins in this reflective Birth Anniversary celebration. It must be noted that in the Prophet’s area of this world many of the virtues he preached – sacrifice,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, charity, peace, unity and understanding – are all seemingly in very short supply. Conflicts of all types beset countries surrounding the Prophet’s Birthplace. Refugees cry out for help holding on to the Prophet’s teachings to keep them alive and sane. May this Youman Nabi join envelop them and rid their leaders of intolerance and lust for pure power.Therefore, the Islamic community in Guyana has a lot to be thankful for and to celebrate at this time Youman Nabi 2015. Some of our leaders preach social cohesion,Cheap China Jerseys, peace, equality and economic fair-play and progress. That is what any society needs to survive and prosper. What is preached needs to be sincerely translated into action.In terms of social cohesion and peaceful co-existence in communities, our Muslim community has been exemplary – from their economic and commercial acumen engendering manufacturing and employment, to their characteristic charity.This year, of course, it does not escape GAWU and all Guyana that Youman Nabi is being celebrated on Christmas Eve – the day before Christians worldwide celebrate the Birth of their Jesus – the Son of God. Guyana is really unique to be able to enjoy these birth anniversaries of Hope in Peace.May all this continue into the New Year. Eid Mubarak! Happy Youman Nabi to Muslims and all Guyana from GAWU.….Message of the President of the CIOG“We have not sent you but as a mercy to the entire universe”.Today as we face a rapidly changing world dominated by man’s inhumanity to man. Where might is right and the poor are taken advantage of by the rich, where women and children are abused and we witness daily the senseless acts of war, where innocent people are killed in large numbers in the name of fighting terrorism, we must ask ourselves,cheap jerseys from china, are we better off today or more advanced than our ancestors?The answer is simply,Wholesale Jerseys Online, No.Fourteen hundred and thirty years ago God Almighty, ALLAH SWT sent the Prophet Muhammad (owbp) and in a period of twenty-three years, he was able to change the conditions of his society which were similar in almost every respect to the one we are living in presently. He did this with the message of the Quran and his beautiful conduct of living.Each year, Muslims all over the world celebrate with joy, the birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (owbp) and this celebration of the Prophet’s birthday is known to Muslims as Eid Milad un Nabi or Youman Nabi.In Guyana and many countries in Africa, the Middle East and the far east the 12th of Rabi’ al-Awwal is a national holiday.The Prophet’s life and his conduct has become a model on which every Muslim aspires to build his life according to the situation in which he finds himself, as ALLAH SWT says in the Holy Our’anrophet Muhammad (owbp) participated fully in social life. He married and had a household. He was ruler, judge and fought many battles in which he underwent painful ordeals. In life, both as an orphan and adult, he underwent many hardships.In spite of, this, he always exhibited humility and tolerance. He also made time to detach himself from the hustle bustle of daily life and indulged in contemplation and meditation. By this practice, he integrated his physical aspect of his life with spiritual activities.I therefore, on the occasion of the birth anniversary the Holy Prophet Muhammad call on all Guyanese to reflect on the message of the Holy Quran and the numerous examples left by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (owbp). By doing this we would be able to change our lives and be successful in this life and in the life to come.Fazeel. M. FerouzPresidentCIOG** PPP: Heed the messages of Youman NabiThe People’s Progressive Party (PPP) would like to extend to all Guyanese, especially the Muslim community, greetings on the occasion of Youman Nabi which is being observed today.This occasion which commemorates the birth and death anniversary of the Holy Prophet, Muhammad (On Whom Be Peace), is sacred to the Islamic community. It has been observed as a national holiday for decades in Guyana underling the freedom of religion enshrined in our Constitution.Our religious holidays further exemplify the tolerance and appreciation which abound in this multifaceted society of ours.The PPP urge that the pertinent messages that are associated with this sacred occasion be a reminder to us all on virtues, humility and compassion which can forge and further strengthen bonds among our people.To our Muslims brothers and sisters, we remain cognizant of the stigma that has unfortunately befall your glorious religion of peace in some quarters internationally.This occasion of Youman Nabi offers yet another opportunity for continuous education and enlightenment on the virtues that Islam gives to the world and rejection of those who use the name of your faith to bring it into disrepute.The PPP is also cognizant of the challenges Muslims face on a daily basis, and which appear to be continually exacerbated in some parts of the world.To this, we urge tolerance and understanding on behalf of those and encourage continuity in your propagation and adherence to the virtues of your religion, which is a hallmark of peace.The local traditions on this day, Christmas Eve,  are expected to unfold unhindered, demonstrative of the profound religious tolerance that is associated with Guyana.This surely provides another opportunity to imbue a sense pride and accomplishment as a people in a diverse country.Once again,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, our Party extends Youman Nabi greetings to all and reminds to the relevant messages it continues to present as a guide for all humanity.